ROW 19

1          Daniel Edwards                                                ( Eisteddfod  ) Wern

2          George Griffiths                                                Nant Llankey

3          Job Davies                                                       New Brighton

4          Humphrey Jones                                               Vron Deg

5          Robert Oldfield                                     New Brighton

6          Edward Smout                                                 New Brighton


 “These records are from an old Welsh notebook kindly loaned to me by Mrs P Roberts of Pendine Farm, Wrexham, but formerly of Tyddyn Dedwydd Farm, Frondeg.

I have tried to type the words as they were written in the book. The writing was quite faint and it is possible that there may be the odd mistake in copying as I had to use a magnifying glass to read some words.”

J Clifford Davies


April 1998


The following notes are written in the back of the book.




Pentre Fron, Brymbo. Left

            Lydia Roberts gweddau Robert Roberts gynt or Tir Y Celyn, Wrn Bu farw.

            Ion. 18 1932 oedd 75, bedd Robert Roberts , Tir Y Celyn.


Chwef 4. Ann Foulkes. Bryn Tirion, New Brighton, Minera.

Bu farw Ion.31 1932. Bedd John Foulkes, New Brighton


Mch.30 Isaac Edwards.6 Tudor St, Coedpoeth.

Bu farw Mch. 27 1932 oed 68. Bedd Edward Edwards. Nant. Right.


Mary Elizabeth Goodwin. aged 2 weeks. 4 Poplar Place, Adwy, Bersham.

Buried on 5th July 1932. Grave by Smith, opposite Crown Cottage window.


Thomas Foulkes. Golygfan, New Brighton. died 12/12/1932. aged 65 buried 15/12/1932.

Grave of Thomas Foulkes, 16th Row 23 grave on right.


Mary Foulkes. Golygfan, New Brighton. died 18/7/1932 aged 67.

Grave of Thomas Foulkes.


Mary Morris. the wife of R W Morris, Vron at the War Mmorial Hospital Wrexham, died 1/9/1932. Buried 5 September 1932. Grave of R W Morris, Room for 1 more.

18th Row , No 11 left.


John Thomas, 39 High Street Coedpoeth died 16/9/1932 aged 66 buried on 20/9/1932 .

Grave of David Thomas. Room for 1 , Row 14 No 19 or 20 left.



Sarah Ann Jones, oed 47, bu farw yn Croesnewydd ar y 11/6/1933. Claddwyd ar y mefhebin 15 1933. Rhes 12 ar y dde.



Katherine Jones. 2 Sandy Lane, Coedpoeth. died 17/11/1934 buried on 20/11/1934

Row 10 , 25 th grave on right.


Serah Roberts oed 84 bu farw 18/7/1934 . Yn Higher Wilford Fram, Esclusham Above.

Claddwtd ar 23 Gorffenaf 1934. Bedd R Roberts, Higher Wilford . Rhes 16 ar y chwith.



Caroline Williams 72 oed a gladdwyd ar y 13/1/1935. 12 Lower Road, Nant , Bersham.

Rhes 19 bedd Davis Jones, Nythfa, Nant. 23rd ar y chwyth.


Mary Edwards aged 84 years died 9th April 1935 at 31 Nant Road, Coedpoeth Bersham.

Buried 12 April 1935. 16th Row No 1 grave on the right.